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We are Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacture Exporter in Delhi NCR in India. We are leading manufacturer & wholesale suppliers of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, Himalayan bath salt, animal lick salt and Himalayan salt slabs in India. We Cater international market as well as the domestic market for Himalayan Salt related products. We understand the needs of international clients very well for Natural Shaped & Unshaped Himalayan Salt lamps as we are in the export business for a long time.

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Our Himalayan Salt lamps are 100% genuine as we extract it directly from the Himalayas; we have our Salt lamp factory at Himachal Pradesh. Our Himalayan Salt lamp factory is situated in the lap of the Himalayas from where we get it for our esteemed Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp customers. High Benefits of our Himalayan Salt Lamp makes them so popular around the world, we have a wide range of Himalayan salt product as given below:-
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Rock Salt Product Manufacturer India

we source Rock salt from natural salt mines in Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh in India.we pick fine quality of Himalayan rock salt which is full of minerals and beautiful pink in color.we use this Himalayan rock salt to make salt product so our customers gets the best benefits of Natural Himalayan salt for which they are buying our products.Natural Himalayan salt have many heath benefits , they are also used in many therapies as well.Idea behind manufacturing Himalayan salt product is to pass the benefits of Himalayan rock salt to everyone in the world.



Salt Lamp Export House in Delhi

We are pioneer Salt Lamp export house in Delhi; we cater Himalayan salt lamp international market demand with our wide range of salt products.if you are looking for Himalayan Rock Unshaped Salt Lamp Manufactures,Natural Shaped Salt Lamp Manufactures,Pyramid Shaped Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp manufactures,Sphere Rock Salt Lamp manufacture,Globe Shape Salt Lamps manufacturer,Geometric Shaped Rock Salt Lamps manufacturer,Oval Rock Salt Lamp manufacturer and exporter,Crystalline Himalayan Salt Lamps manufacturer and exporter,Lotus Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps manufacturer then you are at right place.other then these we also manufacturer of Basket Salt Lamp,Rickshaw Cycle Salt Lamp ,Salt Lamp Lantern ,Fire Bowl Salt Lamp.for more details about our product range please visit our product page.
Salt Lamp Export House in Delhi
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Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

As we manufacture ourselves Himalayan salt lamps, we always meet our customers demand on time. For Export and supply related queries you can contact us

Soon we are adding the more Himalayan salt product in our product line as per our customer demand.