Himalayan Unshaped Rock Salt Lamp Manufacturer & Exporter from India

Himalayan Unshaped Rock Salt Lamps brings beautiful ambiance and clam to any room when they once lit up emits calming amber color.They are made of Natural Himalayan Rock Salt which is mined from Himalayan mountain ,each lamp is perfectly hand carved .

Himalayan Unshaped Rock Salt Lamp Manufacturer

We manufacture Himalayan Unshaped Rock Salt Lamp in India.These Salt Lamps can be used anywhere in your bedroom,living room, kitchen and office spaces, when they used properly they make a very peaceful environment in the surrounding.To get their best benefits , they must be lit up continuously.

Himalayan Unshaped Rock Salt Lamp Exporter

We are Exporter of Himalayan Unshaped Rock Salt Lamp from India to all around the world.We have different shapes and sizes of Himalayan Salt Lamps.Much larger the size of the salt lamp,much wider would be the affect area and much would be health benefits.

Contact us for Himalayan Unshaped Rock Salt Lamp Export orders.we accept from a smaller salt lamp export order – minimum 100 pieces to maximum (whatever would be qty) order.We can complete export order in short notice period and we support both air and sea cargo shipments.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps are well known to every one-

  • Salt Lamps emits negative ions
  • Salt Lamps observe pollutant from air
  • They helps to improve the sleep pattern
  • Helps to fight against allergies and asthma
  • Salt Lamps works as air purifier
  • Salt Lamps removes positive ions from air,positive ions emits from electronic devices like television, cellphones,laptops.
  • Salt Lamps are used for meditation and Feng sui
  • Salt Lamps used as mild light lamps in homes, hotels and offices spaces to get beautiful ambiance.

Feel Free to contact us for any kind of Salt Lamp related quires and order.We will get back to you at the earliest possible.