Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturer

Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturer and Exporter from India

RJ Enterprises is established in 2016 with an idea to provide our customer best quality product at best price range.

we are manufactures of premium quality of Salt Lamps and Himalayan salt products in India.Salt Lamp Export gave us chance to make reach our products to every house worldwide.

We are situated in Himachal Pradesh, in the lap of Himalayas .We Extract Salt from Salt mine which is situated in Himalayan Range in Himachal Pradesh.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacture – Rock Salt Lamp Exporter

Our mission is to provide benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp to everyone, with in suitable price range to make Nuvokart Salt Lamp your home Salt Lamp brand.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps are well known to all around the world.To know more about Uses and Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps visit our post here

We have wide range of Products, we have variety of Himalayan Salt Lamps,Himalayan Bath Salt, Himalayan Salt Licks for animals, Himalayan Cooking Salt Slabs,Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals,Himalayan Salt Bricks and Himalayan Salt Rocks as well.

We Provides our Salt product for Wholesale as well for Export, you can contact us with your requirement on our E-mail, we can customize the product according to your requirement.

We have expanded our Salt Lamp Business to Europe also. we have opened our branch office in Switzerland for the ease of our salt lamp European clients.you can process your requirement for Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturer in Europe from our this branch.

We are open to receive a small lot order to a high quantity salt lamp orders.our payment terms are also very flexible and client friendly.Delivery time also as per client requirements.

Feel free to get in touch with us for your requirements.We will be happy to serve you !!