Places to use Himalayan Salt Lamps

Home Uses of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt lamps are extremely beautiful when they glow, creates a beautiful ambiance at home.Moreover that Himalayan salt lamps hydroscopic quality produces negative ions,negative ions are extremely beneficial for our health.Salt lamps at your home works as air cleaner, they attracts pollutants from air.Himalayan salt lamps helps to reduce the electromagnetic effects of television, microwave, cellphone, laptops and other electronic device.Salt lamps can be used to whole house.To get their best benefits they must be kept on 24×7 basis.

Himalayan salt lamps effects range covers a small area, so keep them as much as near where you sit, sleep or work at home to get their optimum effect on you.

Office uses of Himalayan salt lamps

Always place a Himalayan salt lamp at your desk near your computer to counter the electromagnetic effect emits by your electronic device.electronic devices emits positive ions, which have very adverse effects on our health. Positive ions makes us feel more tired and stressed.Himalayan salt lamps emits negative ions, these ions removes positive ions effects in our surrounding.Himalayan salt lamps improves our energy level , concentration can stay more focused at office while you use Himalayan salt lamp.

In Cigrates smoking area uses of Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps not only help to clean air in smoking area but also remove lingerie smell of cigrate smoke faster.

For Allergies and Asthma –Himalayan salt lamp uses

For reducing asthma and allergies effects Himalayan salt lamps works very keeps air clean and ionized which helps to boost our health and fight with allergies.salt always works as perfect anticipatic some people even carry small salt crystal in their pockets and in restaurant and hotel before having meal use them to clean germs in their hand by rubbing them.

Hotel room’s uses of Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps must be placed at bed side near in hotel rooms.Salt lamps not only creates a beautiful room ambiance but creates lots of health benefits.helps to sleep well and enhance sleep quality by its relaxing effects on works as perfect air purifier inside room.